Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Health benefits of Matcha green tea - the simple hive

Because I’m over forty and don’t want to feel like it, I’m trying to be good about taking care of myself.  Just about every morning for the past 10 years, I have a green smoothie for breakfast.  It’s a good start, but lately, I’ve been adding Matcha green tea powder to it for an added energy and I love the calm boost it gives me in the morning.  Because I like this boost, I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate it into other foods.

One delicious way to consume more matcha is to make a healthy, vegan Shamrock Shake.  It’s loaded with goodies and tastes like chocolate-mint ice cream!

Ice cream for breakfast!  I’ll do it.  I’m not afraid.

As I was browsing the internets, I came across some convincing reasons to consume matcha.  Because I want us all to enjoy good health, and jiggle less, I’m sharing the love.

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Sharing the health benefits of matcha makes me feel less guilty about sharing the decadent recipes for French macarons, coconut sugar cookies and gluten-free crepes with Meyer lemon cream.  Mmmmm…..macarons….

Where was I?

Oh yes, the reasons for drinking Matcha green tea!  Here goes!

  1. Concentrated:  The health benefits of matcha green tea powder are greater than brewed green tea leaves.  With matcha, the whole leaf is consumed, not just the brewed water.
  2. Calorie Burner:  Boosts metabolism and supports healthy weight loss.
  3. Cancer Fighter:  Boosts immune system with concentrated levels of antioxidants. It contains more disease-fighting polyphenols than 10 cups of brewed green tea.
  4. Alertness:  Gives a calm energy boost unlike caffeine. Matcha green tea powder is an excellent source of L-theanine, a mind-calming amino acid that increases alertness without the caffeine jitters or crash.
  5. Daily Detox:  Protects liver and kidneys. The chlorophyll in matcha helps to eliminate toxins and heavy metals from the body.
  6. Blood Sugar Reducer:  Research supports that green tea drinkers have a 33% lower risk of developing Type II diabetes by reducing blood glucose levels.


Total Catechins       105 mg

EGCg                           61 mg

Total Amino Acids   34 mg

L-theanine            14.26 mg

Caffeine                      35 mg

Fiber                          318 mg

Carbs                        447 mg

Vitamin C                1.75 mg

Vitamin A                  291 IU

Potassium               26.6 mg

Calories/gram                    4

 Do your body a favor and drink more Matcha!

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